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Following a fiery crash, Eddie Magdalena wakes up naked but unscathed on a hilltop in Northern Ontario to find that he is forever changed. Twelve local witnesses are sure they had seen the arrival of the Messiah. With their support, Eddie takes his first tentative steps towards Jerusalem. Despite a growing media frenzy, cries of ‘AntiChrist’, opposition from many religious leaders, a Vatican plot and even a secret DNA test, Eddie surges on with his message of universal love as exultant calls of ‘I have been Eddified’ continue to grow.

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For a limited time, you can purchase Summer of the Second Coming personally signed by the author for $25. Colin’s previous books, Other Times, Other Places and Dark Enough to Dance are also available at the discounted price of $8.99. Delivery is free within the Greater Sudbury Area and some parts of Northern Ontario. Just send an email to Molten Ice Publishing at cjhmoltenice@gmail.com

What They're Saying

Colin Hayward’s book follows a host of colourful characters on a pilgrimage along the razor’s edge of myth and faith. The lines are illuminated with spirits, reading like a Douglas Adams revision of a holy scripture, dipped from the inkwell of Michael Ondaatje. The Summer of the Second Coming is a divine fever-dream, equal parts hilarious and profound, arriving in its first pages like a mystery and leaving us miraculous."
Matthew Heiti, Author of The City Still Breathing

What if the Second Coming already came, and we missed it? Colin Hayward presents us with a perplexing dilemma and drives a comedic nail into what the entire Christendom has been waiting 2000 years for. Something not to miss.”
M.E. Eadie, Author of The Rivertown Series, and The Veiled Lady

The Summer of the Second Coming is both an aesthetically and intellectually pleasing read. Dr. D.H.Parker, Literary Critic

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