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Colin Hayward

Colin Hayward has travelled the world in search of stories about the human condition. Experiences such as an emergency landing in Sri Lanka ["Flight 313"], being washed down a crocodile-infested river in Costa Rica ["Rainy Season"] , getting hypothermia on a deep dive off Nova Scotia ["Rescue"], a stay in the jungles of Thailand ["The Last Resort"], a fateful conversation on the rooftop bar in Athens ["Marking Time"], inspired just a few of the travel stories in Other Times, Other Places and Dark Enough to Dance. He has also published travel articles from exotic places like the Blue City of Morocco, Leonard Cohen’s Ydra, and Vogue’s Fashion Night in Rome. His new novel, Summer of the Second Coming, has already been received a Professional Writer’s Award as a Work-in-Progress and garnered excellent reviews.

Photo: Colin at the helm of the America's Cup boat, Stars and Stripes